MkFramework is a php framework under licence LGPLv3

1.Mkframework in few words

Simple A little code framework
Configurable A framework very configurable
Modulable A module management which includes controler and views
Documented An illustrated documentation

Productive A web site to generate (no command line required) : le builder
Extensible You can easy use others libraries zendframework/symfony , for example ZF2 , ZF3 and SF4 (with composer)
Securised A framework security oriented
Stable A stable version since 2009 (not need to migrate between updates)

2..A web code generator ?

I provide you a "builder": the MkFrameworkBuider
If you want a simple way to use, create, generate and administrate with a framework, it is made for you
You can in a few clics
- create an empty website (with our without examples pages)
- generate the abstract model layer class (needed to communicate with databases)
- generate CRUD modules for your tables (one page to list, add, edit, show and delete rows in database)
- generate a module with somme actions
- generate menu module
- explore your project
More information there web generator documentation