Podcasts vidéos

Episode 1: Presentation

Episode 2: Builder: model class

Episode 3: Builder: CRUD list

Episode 4: Builder: CRUD add form

Episode 5: Builder: auth module

Episode 6: Builder: menu module

Episode 7: rights management 1/4

Episode 8: rights management 2/4

Episode 9: rights management 3/4

Episode 10: rights management 4/4

Episode 11: create a search page

Episode 12: Builder: rights mangement 1/2

Episode 13: Builder: rights mangement 2/2

Episode 14: Debug bar

Episode 15: Table Module 1/2

Episode 16: Table Module 2/2

Episode 17: Builder, new model class generator with check

Episode 18: Builder, create a Boostrap application

Episode 19: Layouts and views in details 1/2

Episode 20: Layouts and views in details 2/2

Episode 21: How to generate a dynamic menu

Tutoriaux vidéos

1.Framework install

2.The builder

3.Hello World

4.CRUD module creation

5.Embedded menu module creation

Note: this tutorial use the application created in the previous tutorial

6.Use a layout and its "placeholder"

7.Create a website with two tables linked

8.Use the jQuery plugin

9.Use urlrewriting

Note: the module mod_rewrite should be activate on your apache server

10.Create a private access

11.Create an embedded module linked to an other module

12.Manage rights/permissions 1/2

This tutorial will be completed by an other which detail the permission use

13.Manage rights/permissions 2/2

14.Write a CRUD module from zero 1/4

15.Write a CRUD module from zero 2/4

16.Write a CRUD module from zero 3/4

17.Write a CRUD module from zero 4/4

18.Explore your projects with the builder

19.Create your first Bootstrap application

You can ask for a screencast tutorial here: http://www.developpez.net/forums/d1343958/mkframework/demande-tutoriaux-videos/

You can follow the Youtube chanel : http://www.youtube.com/user/imikado